Ksenia Burlachenko


Engineering manager.

Hi, my name is Ksenia 👋 I’m an engineering manager and an experienced senior software engineer based in Oakland, CA ✨

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Things that matter to me

I care about, and I am really good at, the following things

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Vodka jokes and/or CAPS!


Getting stuff done in a pragmatic way without sacrificing quality


Focusing on growth, mentorship and support of other engineers


Collaboration within and across engineering team


Domain & System Design, Go, Python, C++, Docker, gRPC, GraphQL and other various useful technical skills



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Engineering Manager

· remote and San Francisco, CA


Engineering manager leading a team of four software engineers. Mentoring and supporting the career growth of the team members and collaborating with cross-functional partners on ensuring the execution of planned objectives.

Jul 2021
Jul 2021

Senior Software Engineer

· remote and San Francisco, CA

OODA Health, acquired by Cedar

Responsible in execusion of product features on the OODA Pay product, a patient app which simplifies healthcare billing experience for patients.

Mar 2021
Feb 2021

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

· remote


As a tech lead on the Monetization team, I was responsible for planning and execution of major features, as well as leading the team responsible for rearchitecting the system from the monolithic API to the microservices. Driving close collaboration between engineering, product & data teams. Responsible for planning, staffing, execution of projects and communication of progress and key decisions to director-, VP- and C-level stakeholders.

Apr 2018
Feb 2018

Senior Software Engineer

· San Francisco, CA

Samba TV

Implementing features for Samba TV’s Content ID team, which is responsible for developing and maintaining ACR technology, as well as performing capture of smart tv content.

Nov 2017
Sep 2017

Software Engineer

· Alameda, CA

Perforce Software

Software Engineer on the Core Server product (Helix Versioning Engine). Maintaining and adding features to the 15+-year-old C++ codebase, as well as being involved in the feature development of a brand-new Git<>Perforce project.

Feb 2016
Feb 2016

Lead Software Engineer in Test

· Alameda, CA

Perforce Software

Worked on automated testing of projects around integrating Git and Perforce. Verifying the integrity of Git and Perforce history. Designed and implemented a test framework for installing product artifacts on every supported platform. Mentored other software engineers in test on the team.

Jun 2013

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